Augmented Reality fast becoming the reality.

Holding your phone up and seeing a different world, one layered with data, interactivity and even fictional 3D characters, not too long ago was an idea consigned to films such as Star Trek or Predator. (Google are yet to confirm whether Predator’s futuristic space goggles were the inspiration behind Google Glass). However, now, you will not get too far down a busy street without someone walking into you whilst gazing through their phone at the alternative view of the world “AR” is giving them.

A client emailed me last week with the heading “I want AR, I don’t know why but I know I do”. This tends to be the general consensus. Companies know the potential of AR, they just don’t know how best to utilise it.

Some use cases are stronger than others. An overlay of additional data on the current view point for example. (Take our Halifax homefinder app). Furniture companies could show customers how furniture will look and fit in their home. Car manufacturers already heavily integrate AR into various tasks, like identifying how to maximise production space by moving around virtual 3D machinery. Gaming is another industry that offers huge potential around AR, and is where most likely we will see the quickest adaption and advances in the technology.

The possibilities are literally endless, and you’ll soon be able to see them all through your phone! However, like with most new technologies it’s about getting it right and giving it relevance. We’re playing around with loads of cool concepts at the moment, from virtually trying on clothes to treasure maps for theme parks. However you use it, the odds are you will use it. That’s the reality.